European Parliament Vote on Product Safety & Market Surveillance

On Tuesday the 15th of April, the European Parliament adopted its position on proposals from the European Commission on new Consumer Product Safety (CPSR) & Market Surveillance (MSR) Regulation. Thanks to a combined lobby effort to the European Parliament, which included SGIA lobbying all UK MEPS’s proposals to establish an additional labelling scheme (a CE+ or a EU Safety Tested mark), which can be quite burdensome for brands and put pressure on manufacturers to get all products tested by third party labs, were rejected by a clear majority.

However, the Parliament decided to back proposals to make “made-in" labelling mandatory for non-food products sold in the EU, but clarifying that labelling in English language only should be sufficient. Also, all other amendments introduced by the IMCO Committee of the EP last year remained in place. These dealt with provisions on e.g. requirements for technical documentation, traceability, the functioning of the RAPEX system and fines in case of non-compliance.

Both proposals are still blocked in the Council as Member States disagree on whether to include origin marking in the text. The proposals can only be adopted by the EU once the European Parliament and the Council agree on a final text. We will update when the final text is agreed, but if you require further information please contact Jane Montgomery