All Party Commission on Physical Activity – Evidence Session

Jane Montgomery was requested to attend the final evidence session by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity, which took place on Monday 24th February 2014, in Committee Room 7 of the House of Commons.

Five evidence sessions has taken place across Sport, Health, Transport, Urban Planning and Education. Over 170 pieces of evidence was submitted and 25 were requested to give oral evidence. Andy Reed, Chair of Sports and Recreation Alliance also gave evidence at this session.

Questions included:

How can we encourage more people to be physically active, on a regular basis?
What fundamental policy changes need to be made to increase the levels of physical activity across the UK?

What existing best practice is being delivered in or across Sport, Health, Transport, Urban Planning and Education which addresses the issue of physical inactivity? How and why are these examples successful?

What are some examples of excellent initiatives that have failed and why have they been unsuccessful or not lasted?

In world with limited financial resources what are the most cost-effective approaches and how can exiting resources be realigned to have the great impact?

As well as inputting to these questions, Jane also gave an overview of a member’s successful initiative and a trade association’s new initiative relating to physical activity. A report by the All Party Commission will be issued early in April and one of the Co-Chairs, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, is speaking at the next industry “Think Tank” on 13th May.