Anti-Dumping on Leather Footwear (20.11.2009)

For your information, the Anti-dumping Advisory Committee (ADC) on 19th November rejected the European Commission's proposal for a 15 month extension to the anti-dumping duties currently in place for leather footwear from China and Vietnam. The ADC is made up of Member State representatives responsible for trade defence issues, typically these would be officials from each country's ministry of finance or the economy. This is positive news and some reward for many months of hard work.

Unfortunately this vote was at the technical level and it means that the Commission will redouble its efforts to push this through at the Council of Member States. However it is important as those representatives on the Committee will have received their voting instructions direct from the ministers responsible for trade issues and provides some indication as to how they will be prepared to vote at Council. FESI, with its partners in the European Footwear Alliance and beyond, will keep hammering away over the next five to six weeks to ensure that Ministers from those same countries who rejected the proposal at the technical level also do so at Council. Some states, particularly the smaller countries, will come under intense political pressure to change their vote.

In short the case cannot be won at the ADC level but it would have been lost had Member States decided to accept the proposal so it was some timely good news.

Should you wish to discuss the case further please don't hesitate to contact Jane Montgomery.