Getting your Message Noticed – WAVING THE FLAG

The point of appearing on the media is to get your message noticed by the audience.  One way would be to write it a huge flag and wave it in front of the camera.  Unfortunately, they won’t let you do that.  Luckily you can still use a technique called “flagging” to indicate to viewers what they should remember about your interview.

Here is how it works.  There are some key phrases that signal your intent to wave a flag.  These include “I can’t stress enough the importance of ….” Or “The really significant thing here is …” or one of my favourites, which you can use when a reporter has stopped taking notes “You should write this down …”.  On their own, flagging statements sound silly, but in the context of an interview, their use is crucial.

Flagging phrases are of particular value when you sense that the interview is coming to a close.  Of course, you have already memorised your core message, so now is the time to flag it and deliver it.  So, finally here are a few flagging phrases to use in conclusion –

But most importantly of all, learn how to flag.

This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in “The Media Coach”, his free weekly ezine available  at