The Sporting Goods Industry Association (SGIA) is a group within The Federation for Sports and Play Associations, and as such are bound by the Federation’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

> Eligibility for membership
> Admission of members
> Duration of membership
> Subscription
> Voting
> General meetings
> Quorum
> Proxy voting
> Committees
> Executive committee
> Chairman and vice chairman
> Duties of chairman
> Duties of vice chairman
> Chairman and vice chairman : removal from office
> Office holders : temporary appointment
> Secretary
> Code of practice
> Alteration of constitution


The office of the Sporting Goods Industry Association shall be that of The Federation of Sports and Play Associations.


1. Eligibility for membership

A requirement of membership is that the firm must be eligible for and enter into membership of The Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA).  A single subscription covers membership of FSPA and SGIA.  In order to be eligible for membership of SGIA, the applicant must be engaged in the sporting goods trade.

2. Admission of members

Applications for Associate membership of FSPA and SGIA shall be submitted on a form as prescribed by the Board of the FSPA. All applications will be considered by the Board of FSPA and SGIA.

The Federation of Sports and Play Associations and SGIA reserve the right to reject any application without giving a reason.

3. Duration of membership

Membership of FSPA and SGIA may be terminated by voluntary withdrawal or by a member no longer fulfilling conditions of membership.  The member will, however, be liable for membership subscriptions and other dues for the year concerned.

4. Subscription

The annual subscription for members shall be determined by FSPA.  Members may also be required to contribute to other costs incurred in the specific work of the SGIA.  

5. Voting

Each Member shall appoint a representative who may act for the Member in the affairs of SGIA.  Such person may vote on any questions that may come before a meeting.  Whilst more than one representative of a Member may attend a meeting, voting is restricted to one vote per Member.  Nominations for office holders must be received in writing by the Secretariat fourteen days before the AGM.  

6. General meetings

SGIA shall hold an Annual General Meeting at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected.  Other general meetings, to which all members shall be invited, shall be convened as thought necessary by the Chairman.  The Chairman shall convene a General Meeting on the request of FIVE or more members.  Twenty-one days’ notice shall be given of a General Meeting.  All items discussed and Minutes and other papers circulated in connection with meetings are private and confidential and a condition of membership is that they shall not be divulged to any non-member.  

7. Quorum

A quorum at a general meeting shall consist of representatives from FIVE member companies.  If at any meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting will be dissolved by those present.  

8. Proxy voting

At any general meeting a Member may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on its behalf.  Proxy nominations must be received in writing by the Secretariat seven days before the AGM.  

9. Committees

SGIA in general meeting shall have the power to appoint Committees charged with such duties as SGIA may decide.  

10. Executive committee

There shall be a permanent Executive Committee of SIX, in addition to the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, which will represent the various sectors of the industry. The members of the Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt additional members. A quorum at all Executive Committee meetings shall consist of FIVE, including the Chairman and/or Vice-Chairman.

11. Chairman and vice chairman

The Members of SGIA shall in general meeting nominate and elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman, who shall carry out the duties prescribed, and who shall be ex-officio members of all committees.  Their term of office shall be two years.  At the end of the two year period of office they may be re-elected for further years of office.  Following his term of office, the Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee for one year.

12. Duties of chairman

The Chairman shall preside at meetings of SGIA and shall have a vote.  He should do all in his power to promote the well-being of SGIA and shall perform such duties in his capacity as Chairman as directed by General or Executive Committee meetings.             The Chairman of SGIA shall act as the Association’s representative whenever the occasion necessitates and, when representing its opinion on any subject, it shall be his duty to do so in a fair and balanced manner.

During the Chairman’s term of office he is an ex-officio member of the Chairman’s Council of SGIA and shall represent the views and interests of SGIA on that body.

13. Duties of vice chairman

In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall act as Chairman.  In the absence of both Chairman and Vice Chairman, the members present at a meeting shall have the power to elect a temporary Chairman to conduct its business.

14. Chairman and vice chairman : removal from office

The Chairman or the Vice Chairman may be removed from office by an approved resolution of any general meeting of SGIA.

15. Office holders : temporary appointment

Any person may, by a show of hands, be elected without notice to occupy the office of Chairman or Vice Chairman temporarily pending the election of a permanent office holder.

16. Secretary

The Secretary shall be a member of staff of the Federation of Sports and Play Associations.  His or her duties shall be as directed by the Federation and he or she shall be responsible to SGIA through that organisation.

17. Code of practice

SGIA may adopt in general meeting a Code of Practice, adherence to which may be a condition of membership.  

18. Alteration of constitution

SGIA may, by giving written notice to every Member fourteen days in advance of a meeting, revoke, alter, or add to any part of this Constitution by resolution.