UK Lobbying


Name Date Added
All Party Commission on Physical Activity – Evidence Session
Jane Montgomery was requested to attend the final evidence session by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity, which took place on Monday 24th February 2014, in Committee Room 7 of the House of Commons.

February 2014

Consultation – Labour – School and Community Sport
Further to a recent meeting in relation to the Labour’s consultation on School and Community Sport with Clive Efford MP, Shadow Minister for Sport, Jane Montgomery requests the views from SGIA members on the key questions. Login to the members area for more information.

August 2013

GSP Rules of Origin
Regulation adopted by the European Commission revising rules of origin for products imported under the Generalised System of preferences (GSP).

December 2010

Waste Framework 
Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government are consulting on the transposition of the revised Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC).

September 2009

Olympic Legacy 
The FSPA has written to Mr Gerry Sutcliffe in response to the article about the inititive by Tsar to get 1 million more people taking part in sport by 2012.

July 2009

Improving Public Health by Cutting VAT on Sports Goods
The FSPA has written to Mr David Lewis, Chairman, Public Health Commission and Mr Andrew Lansley MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health in support of the Conservative Party’s Public Health Commission’s recommendation to cut VAT on sports goods to encourage the public to take up more exercise and thereby improve their health.

July 2009

World Trade Week UK - International Conference
I have been invited to attend the World Trade Week UK International Conference to be held on Monday 8th June by, Trade Policy Unit, UK Government

May 2009

HM Treasury announcement on Lending arrangements 
Please find a press release on the Asset Protection Scheme. The Scheme improves conditions for lending to businesses and may therefore be of interest to you

March 2009

Westminster Briefing - Playing to Win – A New Era for Sport: Realising the Benefits for All
The forthcoming Westminster Briefing entitled Playing to Win – A New Era for Sport: Realising the Benefits for All”, which will be hosted by The House Magazine on Thursday 26th March 2008 in Westminster. Please follow this link where you will find an agenda, if you do wish to attend please complete the booking form or register online.

January 2009

House of Lords
The current downturn in the world economy and fears of global recession must not divert the EU and the UK Governments commitments to developing free trade argue the House of Lords EU Committee in a report published today

December 2008

Lords EU Commitee Trade Policy
The European Union Commitee, Sub-Commitee A for Economic and Financial Affairs and International Trade, have released an inquiry into European Trade Policy. The enquiry can be accessed by clicking below, to read the response and contribution given by the SGIA click here.

November 2008

Textiles Review
Jane Montgomery has been informed by the UK Government that the EU Commission officially announced yesterday that China double-checking surveillance licensing will end on 31 December 2008

October 2008