Show and Tell

What makes a great social media post? By that, I mean one that generates plenty of engagement – comments, likes, shares. I think there are several elements:

1) A stunning, maybe punning, headline  People will often be attracted by a post by an intriguing headline, like “Five ways to double your social media engagement”.  A strong headline draws people in.  Now you have to engage with them.

2) A controversial argument If you’re simply stating the obvious, or re-posting content without any comment, people won’t be engaged.  If you can find a way of going against perceived wisdom, and back up with some evidence, you will generate discussions.

3) A great image or video  Both Facebook and Twitter posts are much more likely to be noticed if they contain an image or video.  Make sure it is relevant, and you have permission to post it.  Of course, it needs to match the headline too.

4) Encouragement to respond Putting a simple question like “Do you agree?” or “What do you think?” will greatly increase the chances of comments.

This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in “The MediaCoach”, his free weekly ezine, available at