This Girl Can Campaign

This Girl Can campaign is designed to be a celebration of active women across the country, demonstrating that girls and women of any size, ability or experience can make sport an enjoyable part of their lives. It comes as research, carried out by Sport England (who are behind the campaign), reveals that by every measure, fewer women than men play sport regularly - two million fewer 14-40 year olds in total.

Despite this, 75 per cent say they want to be more active. In some other European countries, this disparity doesn’t exist so there’s no reason why it has to exist here. Further detailed research into what's stopping women turning their ambitions into reality found that a fear of judgment - on appearance, ability or how they chose to spend time on themselves - puts women of all ages off exercising.

That’s why This Girl Can aims to inspire more women and girls that judgment is a barrier that can be overcome.

The airing of the advert at 7:45 on Monday made the start of a nationwide campaign that will see cinemas, coffee shops, train stations, tube lines and billboards used to get more women participating in physical activity. You can get a flavour for the campaign by watching some behind-the-scenes videos and following the @thisgirlcan