UK-China Summit: Chinese Buyers Mission: 27 February 2009

A key focus of the UK-China Summit on 2 February was the trade and investment relationship. Both Premier Wen and Gordon Brown made very clear their personal commitment to expanding it.

Following the Summit, the Chinese Government has just confirmed that their Minister of Commerce, Chen Deming, will lead a delegation of Chinese companies on a buyer’s mission to London on 27 February.  

Such a high-profile mission, sent at Premier Wen’s behest, represents a major opportunity to engage with Chinese business. China’s £400bn fiscal stimulus package, its commitment to move up the value chain and its policies aimed at stimulating greater domestic demand offer major new opportunities for UK companies to sell in China.

The Chinese have told us that in order to identify the buyers on the mission; they want a list of UK products and services which they can purchase. They have asked for such a list by Tuesday 17 February.

This visit will be also an important opportunity to:

We would welcome information on forthcoming contracts, any issues with the Chinese business environment, or specific products and services that you wish to include on the list, by 15:00 on Monday 16 February.  Please describe the nature of the product or service, the amount of units available, price bracket, and a key contact at your company, if possible, using the attached document.

Please send this information to [email protected]

The visit will involve a business event on 27 February.