UK membership of CEN and CENELEC

BSI, whilst recognised as the UK’s National Standards Body, is not a government body. Furthermore, CEN and CENELEC are not EU organisations, but are independent bodies. UK Government are looking at many issues around standards, including those standards that provide a route to conformity to EU regulations and directives.

As we are aware it is BSI’s stated ambition that it wishes to remain a member of CEN and CENELEC. Membership of those bodies is not exclusive to the national standards organisations of EU countries, as they already have non-EU members but the fact is if we are out of the Single Market the UK is ineligible for membership of CEN and CENELEC.

Would we be ejected? BSI is working at the highest levels to amend CEN’s Articles of Association. Discussions have not yet started, waiting for the right opportunity. BSI sees standards as a business function and prefer to go down this route rather than a political route. Further down the line Government may be asked to act by BSI ie. help from a Minister

Alongside talking to BSI, UK Government have sought stakeholder views regarding the development and use of European standards in their industries. We have heard views from many industry bodies and companies, but we are very much still listening, and so I would be happy to talk to talk with us further.

Many industries like the Sports & Play have stated how important it is to be part of the making of standards.

The standards contact is Daniel Mansfield, Head of Standards and Accreditation Policy – Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 1 Victoria Street, London.

Daniel is on secondment from BSI.